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ChainDon is another project from my master studies at FH Salzburg.
The same team of 5 developers from SolarAssets are building an donation platform with the focus on transparency and simplicity.
Our donation platform empowers you to support projects, individuals, and institutions by securely contributing in cryptocurrency.
Your contributions make a tangible impact as you track the progress, and view how others made donations towards a positive change. We want to shine a spotlight on cryptocurrency donations and helping those in need. By harnessing the power of Web3 technology and blockchain, we've created a seamless donation platform.
With Web3, transparency is guaranteed. You can see all current donations done on the wallets and track each step.

The app is built with Next.js, Nest.js and currently supports Ethereum for donations. We have a extensive DevOps setup and manage our project via Jira/Confluence.
My responsibilites are the backend and blockchain integration with the frontend. Besides that, I am operating as Scrum Master.

Project: ChainDon