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Lena Ebner

a Full Stack Software Engineer, building innovative and creative applications while driving for health through lots of sports and plant-based meals.

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I am Lena Ebner.

I am a 24 year old student currently living in Barcelona doing my semester abroad for my Master studies in MultiMediaTechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. Besides that I am working as a software engineer. As full-stack developer, I have already developed various projects, which can be found on this portfolio. My hobbies are widespread including programming, sports, photography, music and health. I love to try out new things and mostly in my free-time I like to keep my body active by going for a run, hiking, biking, playing volleyball, football, tennis... Also, I really enjoy nature and try to spend my off-screen time getting outside and nourishing my body with plant-based foods.

Try not to take life too seriously all the time and keep in mind: The sky is the limit

Services & Skills

  • Web-Development: Frontend, Backend, Web3, DevOps, CMS
  • App-Development: Android Apps, Flutter, Progressive Web Apps
  • Blockchain-Development: Ethereum, Solidity
  • Data Science: Recommender Systems, Data Analysis, ML
  • Game-Development: Unity, AR
  • Others: Photography, Video Editing, Cooperate Design, Scrum

Technologies I use

C#, .Net, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, WordPress, Kotlin, Flutter, Next.js, React, Ruby on Rails, Angular, No/SQL, Python, R, Linux, Firebase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Solidity, CI/CD ...


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